The Love Calculator App Reviews

87 add


Pretty fun to try.


Whenever I write down my parents names or my lover and I, it says that we are like a 30


This is funny to play with


I dont get anything higher then 50

Dont download

Just simply a waste of time. lol it said mt grandparents,martied for like 60 years are only 39% compadible. If so i feel really bad for each of them


I typed in random letters and there 86% compatible or divorced people got 79%


omg most useless app IN THE WORLD but soo funny! Some of the crap that came up... soo funny!


Useless. The funniest thing about this app is that no matches went over 60% until I enter one which got an amazing 90%...I entered Charles Manson and Mother Teresa....


Me and the person who I like r 97% aparently

This thing is awesome!

I used this app and it told me that it was really compatable with someone. I asked her out and now were together!

Waste of time

Its so stupid poinless and boring id give ut zero stars if i could

Sickens Me Totally Off!!

I typed in me and my boyfriends name and it only showed 36 and I switch the names around and it gave me 10... this such a waste of time and space

Dont be stupid

I hope you people giving these bad reviews actually know that there are NO real love calculators. This app is meant for pure nonsense and fun. There is no way for anything to actually detect love. I hope youre not that stupid to believe it. I find this app is fun and always gets a good laugh, WHICH IS WHAT ITS MEANT FOR. Besides, if you and your gf/bf have to type in your names to make sure youre compatible, then its not real love anyway if youre trusting an iPod app over your heart.


i put my gf lol i got 87% when i put my best friend it said 99% it pickeds random

No.........just no

I put me and my gf of 2 years (we go out on dates every week and makeout every day and promised never to leave eachothers side) and it gave us 9%, were in grade 9 in junior high


This app is completelt fake but its okk... its always fun to see random numbers! LoL :)


It is okay, it is good if you are having friends over and want to have a laugh here and there. Ps not really accurate


Random numbers, no explanation. No questions to answer. Suppose to calculate based on etymology... Does not even give the etymology and meaning of names. Pretty pointless.

Dont waste your time

This app is all just random lies dont waste your time all love calculator apps are lies



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