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..... people actually think this is real

Love maker

Ignore the people who said this doesnt work. It does. Because Im getting married because of it


I typed in my name & my epic crush Jackson. We are both in the seventh grade together & he is just sooo funny & hot! my friend once told me she found out he liked me but I wasnt sure that was true so I found this app & used it just for him. It said we were 97% compatible or something close to that and I was like OH MY GOSH but wasnt sure if this app really worked but the next week or so he confessed he liked me & so did I & now were in love. How did this app know? Im not sure love apps actually work Im not that stupid but it sure is fun. Congrats to you if you red this long boring review.


I tried two random names (with last name) and it said 80% then I tried those two names again and it said 20%!!!!! DELETE THIS APP IF YOU HAVE IT!!

It is bad

I hate this dumb stupid horrible terrible app

Not bad.

Its not bad. But question is.. Will it work?

I tried this out on the girl I like it said 82/,

Its fun


I cant believe some people think this is actually real. Grow a brain, people.

Worst app ever

This is the worst love app ever I recommended not getting this unless if you want your feelings hurt


I dont like this game


Dont get the game it makes me sick I hate this game


It is very funny. I typed in my parents name and they were 8% compatible. In reality they are definitely made for each other. I typed in my dream girl and it was 35%. I typed in her with someone she hates and it said 98% compatible. Lol

I hate it

I have a boyfriend and I put our names in it didnt work at all

Cool but....

I like the game but theres just one thing there should be more to add instead of just names like a thing each person likes.It is fun because I put ice cream and root beer and it got 23 percent. I also did cats and dogs and it got 55 percent. And I did poop and pee and it had 16 percent.

Its not true and even not believable

I have checked this love rate with my husband and it turned out to be 20%... I dont believe it! We have great relations, why only 20%? I dont think it is true, because it requires only names and gives you random results...


Funny game. And its free! Recommend it for a good laugh. But, its like u do a couple turns of it, then when u stop, it is just a think that takes up space.


I typed in my name and katy perrys name and i got a 55 % wow but still fun to play


my name is Emily. and my dream partner is thomas senior. who is scared of me. but I typed in my name and his name. and we where 97 % compatible!!!!!!!!! he is so hot! but I never have the gut to ask him out! because I know he will tell the teacher.


everytime i put in a name,or last name,it always gives me a low score. I hate this app fix it

I love this thing

After me and my girlfriend played this we made out so thank you game.

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